What’s Hot and what’s Not?

So The season is upon us and on the front the news front it’s been a bit quiet. Well, as some of you are already aware, Scott at Sports Unlimited Extreme is unable to sponsor us this season for reasons beyond his control, so a new sponsor has had to be found. In stepped Bikestyle to become the official sponsors of the 2007 DH season. Exact details are to be discussed for prizes and awards, but some brand call ‘Oakley’ has been mentioned……

Also we can all welcome back with open arms Mr David Kennington. Again another change in circumstances has meant that I’ve been able to badger him into his previous co-organiser role for 2007. Dave Radcliffe will still be helping out when he can find time but at the moment he’s concentrating on his first year of Rallying… .

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, Info for the the first Bikestyle DH Series of the season can now be found by clicking the Brookdale link on the right……

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